Double your export import profits
using Pareto’s 80/20 rule.

Sometime in the late 1800s—nobody is quite sure exactly when—a man named Vilfredo Pareto noticed that a tiny number of pea pods in his garden produced the majority of the peas.

Now, Pareto was a very mathematical fellow and the peas in his garden had set his mathematical brain in motion.

What if this unequal distribution was present in other areas of life as well?

Pareto principle, the 80/20 Rule.

As he continued researching, Pareto found that the numbers were never quite the same, but the trend was remarkably consistent. The majority of rewards always seemed to accrue to a small percentage of people. This idea that a small number of things account for the majority of the results became known as the Pareto Principle or, more commonly, the 80/20 Rule.

Real Life Examples

  • 100% of Income Tax is paid by 1% of Indian Population.
  • 50% of Plants in Amazon Forest are from 1.27% of Species.
  • Google alone receives 80% of world’s Search queries.
  • 80% of Soccer World Cup are won by 20% of Teams.
  • 80% of Land in Italy is owned by 20% of People.
  • 70% of Income is earned by 30% of British Citizens.
  • 80% problems are from 20% customers.
  • 80% problems are from 20% products.

Can we apply Pareto principle to Export Import Profits ?

Every client sources information from us to grow their profits, but I noticed very few really utilized It well..and I wondered what I need to do, to help every client ??

We improved coverage, ports, backlog time, software, Business Intelligence, cloud sync ..but still the connection to profits was missing.

And one day, while I was wondering how to leverage InfodriveIndia information to increase export import profits, I came across pareto’s principle and excitedly applied on profits …and

Voila !!!!!!!!!!! Here are the results …

80% of Profits are derived from 20% Products.

80% of Profits are derived from 20% Customers.

80% of Profits are derived from 20% Suppliers.

80% of Profits are derived from 20% Regions

80% of Profits are derived from 20% People

80% of Profits are derived from 20% Actions

80% of Profits are derived from 20% Decisions.

InfodriveIndia dashboards, the missing connection to your profits.

As you will find in your business and life too , the trend is remarkably consistent. The majority of rewards always seemed to accrue to a small percentage.

InfodriveIndia dashboards help you focus on the that small percentage, and if you can leverage that, you can actually more than double your profits every year.

80/20 Rule is more prevalent now than ever before and can be leveraged to improve any situatio0n almost every where.

You will be surprised to find the results in your business, I invite you to make a table of above results and see for yourself.

The results may vary, but you can get a trend in few of the parameters.

Trust this helps you , Do share your thoughts and findings with me here..

When you leverage this knowledge combined with InfodriveIndia Dashboards, you become master of your profits.

Best Wishes,
Raakesh Saraff
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